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Beyonce Knowles, the famous superstar, created the House of Dereon Clothing together with, Tina Knowles, her mother, in 2006. For a number of years, Tina was a designer and seamstress, and supported her daughter and the Destiny's Child group with her original fashion designs. These fashions created quite a buzz among the and the clothing line was born to provide similar fashions to consumers.

Beyonce's grandmother, Agnez Dereon, was the inspiration for the clothing line's name, and Agnez had created a name for herself through the creation of her tailored fashions, and the unique designs she created for clients in Louisiana. When the Dereon line was formed, it was a blend of fashion influences from Agnez's 1940's designs, the 1970's fashion influences of Tina's time, and also the fashion from the contemporary times of Beyonce.

The Dereon line became of Beyonce's Creole ancestry , a retro and vintage mix and some hip hop elements, and they all created a unique line that became very popular with fans. The sisters, Solange and Beyonce, actively model the line's fashions for its marketing, and Beyonce is actively involved in creating designs for the business.

The clothing line provides designs for every age. For the plus size women, the Curvelicious line even offers jeans that are specifically crafted for the fuller bottoms and hips. Juniors fashions include luxury materials, fashions with studs, and brilliant patterns and colors. Included in the clothing line are handbags, sunglasses, hats,pencil skirts, boot, denim jackets, cut jeans, skinny jeans and jumpsuits.

Where footwear is concerned, multi-toned feminine shoes, boots, stilettoes, sandals and sneakers are also available in the line. The items in the fashion line are very reasonably priced and that is one very important feature Beyonce and Tina insist on for their fashions, as well as providing a luxury, high quality product with a couture look.

The famous singer, actor, dancer, Beyonce Knowles and her stylist, seamstress mother, Tina Knowles, have formed the house of Dereon clothing line. This line came about following the buzz surrounding Tina's fashion style which she had used for many years to outfit her daughter and the Destiny's Child group. The line was named after Tina's mother Agnez Dereon, an accomplished seamstress from Louisiana, where she was well famous for her tailored clothing, and unique designed fashions.

If you are in the market for women's fashion wear, this clothing line would be a must visit. Also, you will find styles for the plus size women in this fashion house as well as styles for the juniors. Beyonce collaborated with Solange Knowles,her sister, in theformation of the junior line, which has become by far the more popular and famous then the other brands offered by the fashion house, and mainly because of the very reasonable prices that are charged for the pieces.

The Dereon line offers a unique mix of fashion influences of three different generations of women, that include the Creole elements of Beyonce's ancestry, the hip hop of Beyonce's contemporary time, the 1940's styling of her grandmother's time, and the 1970's fashion of her mother's time. Both Beyonce and Solange are actively involved in modeling the fashions for the company's marketing efforts, and Beyonce is active in the design creations for the fashion house's pieces. Also inluded are sunglasses, active wear, hats, handbags, jumpsuits, pencil skirts, hoodies, boot cut jeans, and skinny jeans, and doll tops.

There is a great demand for urban clothing fashion, and the Dereon clothing is one among many fashion houses today that is providing that demand. The fashion house carries fashion styles for women of various ages, including plus size fashions, juniors' fashions and a wide range of accessories.

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